Product Review: Beyond Black Tire Pro Dressing

I got to talk to the fine people hosting the R and B Car Care booth when I attended the Pigeon Forge Rod Run on September 16, 2016.  They came all the way from Louisville KY, and took the time to let me run some business questions past them.  At the same time, I purchased their “Beyond Black” product, and wanted to share some pictures and results.

I don’t like super gloss, which most tire preps seem to be.  This product seemed to be a little less gloss, but not quite matte either.   I bought this for my pickup truck, my RV and my Corvette.  The truck took the test first.  The before and after pictures are below.  The after picture, is after a 10 hour highway trip, no washing in between.

Beyond Black Tire Pro Dressing   Beyond Black Tire Dressing AfterMy RV tires are really sun worn, I am going to try this product on them next.  Check back for future reviews and news!

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