Wears Valley Wheel Estate

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: I am staying at a local RV resort, what kind of activities are there in the area?

A: Visit our events calendar to begin with.  You can also find us on Meetup.com under “Wears Valley – Get Out And Have Fun!”  I regularly host seminars, activities, cycling tours and musical jam sessions.  They will all be listed on Meetup.com.  Just be sure to let me know you are attending before you come!

Q: How can your activities and services help my local business get more customers?

A: I provide “value added” activities and services to your business and to the community as a whole.  If you host one of my seminars or activities, I will bring the attendees to your business and promote your business on my various web sites for addition exposure for your business PLUS wherever else I put flyers and other forms of advertising.  Seminars are designed to benefit both businesses and tourists, so it is a win-win for everyone.

Q: I already have a website, it does not do much to bring in traffic.  How is advertising on this blog any different?

A: The blog that you are viewing right now is designed and marketed to bring in foot traffic.  It is owned and operated locally, so you get to talk to a real person who knows your area and industry.  I will expose your businesses to a highly targeted group of travelers, those who are sports car drivers/enthusiasts, RV’ers, musicians, music appreciators, cyclists and those who are considering firearms for home protection.

Q: Okay, you have my interest because you can help bring in road traffic.  What options are available through your business to expose my business to this highly targeted group of travelers?

A: I have many custom packages available, depending on what type of business you have, where you are located and a number of other factors.  I will need to talk to you more about your business to find you the best fit.  My Internet products are very cost effective.  I would be happy to stop by to talk to you if you are in reasonable driving distance of Sevierville, TN.  I could also arrange to meet you at events like Corvette gatherings.

Q: Most of my clients are road travelers who just stop in.  I don’t feel like websites help me.  How can your business help me?

A: Businesses who survive off road traffic do not need Internet exposure in the same form that other businesses might need it.  However, if your business is located in a tourism related area, every business that has at least a basic website can make your particular area (as a whole) look like a one stop vacation destination, rather than just a place to quickly drive through on the way to some other final destination.

Q: I probably should at least have a minimal web site, but how can I afford it?

A: I offer very affordable pricing because I want to keep you as a customer in the future.  You will be pleasantly surprised at what I can do for you.  Additionally, the more local businesses participate, the more exposure your entire community will get AND the easier it will be for me to continue to provide services to smaller businesses in less traveled areas.

Q: Why should I buy a website from you when my teenager can whip one up for free?

A: Most website creation packages that many novice people use, do not structure a website to be seen well in search engines like Google.  Many of them intentionally leave out key information, just so that you will eventually have to pay someone else to make your website more visible.  Some ONLY work with Google, and they do not work with many other search engines in use (Bing, Yahoo, MSN).   As a Certified Business Analyst, I have many years of experience in assessing the unique needs of small business and using the best blend of tools from my web toolbox to get you the best return on investment.  I will not sell you packages or use tools that you do not need. I will also make sure your website works properly in the most popular search engines, web page browsers (FireFox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and more), mobile devices and computers as is reasonably possible.

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