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Our Sponsors and Affiliate Opportunities

There are many opportunities for your roadside business, tourist attraction, club, automotive parts store, shop and/or business to participate by hosting one of our community enhancement training events and/or activities at your RV park, lodge, restaurant, Church or other gathering place.  I will reciprocate by bringing my attendees to your business and will promote your business on my multiple web sites and publications.

Your donations will help keep this website going are welcome and can be made at the top right side of this website using PayPal or your credit card.  Donate what you are comfortable with.  I do offer some paid advertising on the website itself, contact me for more information.

Contact me if you have any other ideas or questions.  I would just love it if you gave me a call rather than use email.  If you are not too far away from me, I would be happy to stop by and visit and discuss options.

Your friend in business,

Andrea, CEO, CBA, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Adventurer, Outdoors Enthusiast, Cyclist and RV lover.

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