Excellent Wildfire Preparedness Resource – NFPA

A friend just sent me a link, that I just need to post here hoping that people out in our community can see it.  It is from the NFPA, I think that stands for National Fire Protection Agency.  They have a lot of great information on how to protect property in areas where wild fires occur AND resources on how to be prepared if one does happen in  your community.  It is a great read, and can be helpful in bringing communities together to all help look out for each other rather than relying on newscasts or social media.

NFPA Firewise Wildfire Community Program
Take some time to browse this website. It has great checklists, and information on how to prepare when living in wildfire country.

Photo & Thoughts Before The Fire

Pigeon Forge TN Fire
I noticed this stark contrast and smoke while visiting my bank, just before the firestorms broke out later that evening.

Prayers to all affected by this tragedy.  My heart goes out to all of you.

Little did I know what would happen later that evening, but having seen some really bad wild fires in Florida and Colorado in the past, I knew that high winds would make an already bad situation worse.

Visitors, although some areas may be closed, we still welcome you to our community AND your supporting our businesses helps to lessen the blow to our modest economy.

Top Gun Events

Want to add something new and exciting to your boring work week or your vacation?  How about finding out how to get a handgun Carry permit or get in some range time with an NRA Certified Instructor (me)?

Ladies, are you gun curious but a little shy about it?  This lady is happy to point you in the right direction.  Just be careful, having fun at the range with the other ladies can be addictive!  Care for tea with a round of Bullet Bingo?

This program is currently under development, so please check back for updates and additions to the calendar.  You can also get information about local events at:


Wears Valley TN Top Gun Events
Ruger Blackhawk Single Action and NAA Black Widow SA